Vince Young Versus The Curse
Can Vince Young survive the season if his picture were on the cover of the newest inception of the ever-popular "Madden" football game?

He beat the Sports Illustrated cover "jinx" multiple times, and not all of the most recent players who have appeared on the Madden Football cover have been injured. In 2000, Eddie George rushed for over 1500 yards and scored 16 touchdowns, career highs for both. Will Vince Young have a standout season as well? News of the possible appearance on the cover has people talking.

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From 2001-2006, everybody who appeared on the cover missed games during that season. In 2001, Daunte Culpepper missed a number of games due to a knee injury. In 2002, Marshall Faulk injured his ankle and missed multiple games. In 2003, Michael Vick broke his leg in the pre-season causing him to miss 11 games. In 2004, Ray Lewis injured his wrist leaving him out a game and giving him his first season with no interceptions. In 2005, Donovan McNabb missed his last seven games because of a hernia. Finally, Shaun Alexander broke a bone in his foot and finished with less than 900 yards. While Vince Young did not have a spectacular '06 season, an injury would be a large setback for the Tennessee Titans.

The most important question for the Tennessee Titans
is what would happen should a problem arise with the young quarterback. Kerry Collins is no star by any stretch of the imagination, but Vince Young is expected to perform quite well this season. While EA Sports has yet to confirm the choice, it's speculated that it will be announced this evening during an appearance by Young on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Tuesday April 17th, 2007.

By T. Lloyd,
April 17, 2007