Tennessee Titans 2008 NFL Draft Grade
I don't know what the logic of the Tennessee Titans was. They had the pick of the crop at wide receiver in round one and instead went for a sleeper, running back in Chris Johnson. No knock on Johnson but hopefully he turns out to be a weapon for Vince Young because he could surely use a couple. Johnson is extremely fast with good balance; he makes big plays regularly and hopefully his hands hold up catching screens and swing passes out of the backfield from Young.

Jason Jones is a kid I don't know much about but hopefully he can fill a void at the defensive end; he has good size but comes from a small school in Eastern Michigan, something Tennessee tends to like. Craig Stevens and Lavelle Hawkins, both from California, are nice prospects who can run around and get open. They are not the cream of the crop, but good values where they were taken. Stevens is a very good run blocker and that’s what he'll be asked to do, open up running lanes for the pound it out Tennessee offense. Hawkins is not a barn burner, but tends to be very productive simply getting open. He had a good career at Cal and hopefully is able to become a safety net in the slot for the young QB.  

For a sleeper, I go to Stanford Keglar. He's a good-sized experienced linebacker from Purdue. He will be a good Special Teams player early on as he bulks up and starts getting more playing time. The Titans have been good over the years at finding players to fit their system late in the draft. Keglar might be the next in line of many to stand tall out of a sub-par draft class. The only thing I think the Titans needed in this draft was a big receiver; they only walked away with Hawkins and that to me is a disappointment. 

Round 1 (24) – Chris Johnson – RB – 5’11” 197 – East Carolina 

Round 2 (54) – Jason Jones – DE – 6’5” 273 – Eastern Michigan 

Round 3 (85) – Craig Stevens – TE – 6’3” 254 – California 

Round 4 (103) – William Haves – DL – 6’2” 258 – Winston-Salem State 

Round 4 (126) – Lavelle Hawkins – WR – 5’11” 187 – California 

Round 4 (134) – Stanford Keglar – OLB – 6’2” 239 – Purdue 

Round 7 (229) – Cary Williams – CB – 6’1” 185 – Washburn 

Tennessee Titans – Draft Grade – D+ 

By T. Lewis, 20Yardline.com
May 7, 2008