Tennessee Titans 2007 Draft Recap
The Tennessee Titans had great needs on the offensive side of the ball.  They spent their first pick on a safety, Griffin, then selected a running back Chris Henry and a wide receiver Paul Williams.  Many draft experts felt they should have helped Vince Young more including us.  20Yardline.com Draft Grade / C.

1. (19) Michael Griffin, S, Texas (5'11 ", 202, 4.45).  Griffin possesses average size and excellent speed for the safety.  He plays the run very well and has the frame to add bulk and strength.  Griffin is a very aggressive player who sometimes gets caught looking into the backfield.  He has the ability and the attitude to become a top notch NFL safety.

2. (50) Chris Henry, RB, Arizona (5'11 ", 230, 4.4).  Henry was a surprise pick this early in the draft coming off an excellent combine.  Henry has the ability to be a very good NFL back but lacks experience.  As a result, he is often too impatient which could hurt him at the next level.  He also has concerns in the passing game both as a receiver and a blocker.  With proper coaching, Henry could develop into a fine player.  We felt he was a bit of a stretch to be chosen in round two.

3. (80) Paul Williams, WR, Fresno State (6'1 ", 205, 4.45).  Williams is another project player with outstanding athletic ability.  He has good size and speed, shows flashes of greatness, but lacks consistency.  He has a quick initial burst off the line of scrimmage but needs to work on route running, reading defenses, and blocking.  He is not afraid to go over the middle and can be very good after the catch. 

4. (115) Leroy Harris, C, N.C. State (6'2 ", 302, 5.35).  Harris has good size and strength to help on the offensive line.  He is versatile, having played both guard and center in the college game.  He is a hard working tough player, who plays with a nasty streak.  He takes good angles on his blocks and is adequate in the passing game.  He projects as a guard in the NFL.  He could compete this year for a starting job.

4. (128) Chris Davis, WR, Florida State (5'10 ", 181, 4.5).

5. (152) Antonio Johnson, DT, Mississippi State (6'3", 310, 5.15).

6. (188) Joel Falani, WR, Texas Tech (6'2 ", 211, 4.55).

6. (204) Jacob Ford, DE, Central Arkansas (6'3 ", 249, 4.65).

6. (206) Ryan Smith, CB, Florida (5'10 ", 174, 4.51).

7. (223) Mike Otto, OT, Perdue (6'5 ", 308, 5.2)

By A. Goodin, 20Yardline.com
May 5, 2007