San Diego Chargers 2008 NFL Draft Grade
The San Diego Chargers did not have much to work with but they made the best of it. San Diego hit on solid on four picks. Antoine Cason fills a hole left by Drayton Florence and better yet he won the Thorpe Award last year at Arizona.

Jacob Hester and Marcus Thomas will work together filling the void created when Michael Turner jumped ship to Atlanta. Hester is Mr. Versatility as he does it all out of the backfield. Thomas will serve as the perfect complement to Tomlinson. DeJuan Tribble is an undersized corner from Boston College. He could be a great find; I was surprised he slipped that far. He has the ability to make big plays and he dropped due to his size.

Sleeping in this class is perhaps Hester who could end up being pretty special. I know he was a third round pick but expect him to become a big part of the Chargers, winning it all in the near future.

Round 1 (27) – Antoine Cason – CB – 6’0” 190 – Arizona

Round 3 (69) – Jacob Hester – FB – 5’11” 230 – LSU

Round 5 (166) – Marcus Thomas – RB – 6’2” 215 – Texas-El Paso 

Round 6 (192) – DeJuan Tribble – CB – 5’9” 190 – Boston College 

Round 7 (234) – Corey Clark – OT – 6’6” 315 – Texas A&M 

San Diego Chargers – Draft Grade – B 

By T. Lewis,
May 7, 2008