Pittsburgh Steelers 2007 Draft Recap
The Pittsburgh Steelers released Joey Porter in the off season which created a need at line backer.  They used their first pick to select Lawrence Timmons who should fit in nicely.  They then selected Woodley in the second round, and he can play outside line backer as well.  The Steelers just got younger on defense and hope to return to their 2005 form with new coach Mike Tomlin.  20Yardline.com Draft Grade / B.

1. (15) Lawrence Timmons, OLB, Florida State (6'0 ", 234, 4.66).  Timmons enters the NFL with good athleticism and speed.  He is very fluid when changing directions and is a fierce tackler.  He is an aggressive player who can rush the passer and blow up running plays in the backfield, but sometimes his aggressiveness can hurt him.  He needs to bulk up a bit and learn to diagnose plays better as he is susceptible to the play action pass. 

2. (46) LaMarr Woodley, DE, Michigan (6'1 ", 266, 4.67).  Woodley projects as an outside line backer in the Steelers 3-4 scheme.  He is very strong and explosive as an outside linebacker and plays with a mean streak.  He is very good against the run and excels as a pass rusher.  He lacks coverage skills but has the athletic ability to develop this part of his game.  He should be a good fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers defense.

3. (77) Matt Spaeth, TE, Minnesota (6'7 ", 270, 4.82).  Spaeth enters the league with very good size, adequate strength, and big, soft hands.  He settles down in the pockets of the defense nicely and makes the tough catch over the middle.  He is a decent blocker who plays hard on every play.  He lacks break away speed but is very good around the goal line especially when it comes to selling the play action pass.

4. (112) Daniel Sepulveda, P, Baylor (6'2 ", 229, 4.59).

4. (132) Ryan McBean, DT, Oklahoma State (6'4 ", 286, 4.98).  McBean has good anticipation off the snap and is a very aggressive player with good upper body strength.  He needs to learn to play with more leverage against the run but has above average pass rush skills.  He should be a situational player in the NFL to start and if he adds bulk and lower body strength, he could develop into an every down player.

5. (156) Cameron Stephenson, OG, Rutgers (6'3 ", 306, 5.4).

5. (170) William Gay, CB, Louisville (5'10 ", 187, 4.56).

7. (227) Dallas Baker, WR, Florida (6'3 ", 208, 4.53).

By A. Goodin, 20Yardline.com
May 2, 2007