Oakland Raiders 2007 Draft Recap
The Oakland Raiders entered the draft with several holes on offense including quarterback, tight end, offensive line, and wide receiver.  With the first pick in the draft, they selected JaMarcus Russell who has all of the skills a top notch NFL signal caller needs.  They followed that pick up with a TE for him to throw to in the second round.  The Raiders also traded Randy Moss on draft day.  20Yardline.com Draft Grade / B.

1. (1) JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU (6'5 ", 256, 4.84).  From a talent perspective, Russell has it all.  He has the size and strength to take a pounding as an NFL QB.  He has good mobility and can throw the ball well on the run.  He has an elite arm and can squeeze the ball in to tight places.  He has good touch on fade passes and plays well in pressure situations.  He needs to work on his timing and his decision making.  He often tries to force too many passes and some times does not step into his throws. 

2. (38) Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State (6'4 ", 256, 4.87).  Although Miller lacks great speed, he does a good job of finding soft spots in zone coverage.  He has good initial quickness and soft hands.  He is a decent blocker but needs to improve his strength to become more consistent.  He could emerge as a favorite target on third downs for fellow rookie Russell. 

3. (65) Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia (6'5 ", 261, 4.82).  Moses is a tweener type player and may be more of a rush linebacker than a true defensive end.  He plays with good initial quickness, takes good angles, and is a solid tackler.  He needs to add bulk and strength to become a true defensive end in the NFL.  His versatility could add to his value as he can fill many roles.

3. (91) Mario Henderson, OT, Florida State (6'6 ", 302, 5.11).

3. (99) Johnnie Lee Higgins, WR, UTEP (5'11 ", 186, 4.48).

4. (100) Michael Bush, RB, Louisville (6'1 ", 243, 4.6).  Bush is a fantastic talent who would have been a first round pick had he not broken his leg.  He has good quickness and decent speed for his size.  He has very quick feet but lacks break away speed.  He has a steel rod in his leg, and if he can return to form, he could be the steal of this draft.

4. (110) John Bowie, CB, Cincinnati (5'10 ", 187, 4.24).

5. (138) Jay Richardson, DE, Ohio State (6'5 ", 279, 5.0).

5. (165) Eric Frampton, S, Washington State (5'11", 204, 4.61).

6. (175) Orenthal O’Neal, FB, Arkansas State (5'11 ", 242, 4.89).

7. (254) Jonathan Holland, WR, Louisiana Tech (5'11 ", 191, 4.45).

By A. Goodin, 20Yardline.com
May 1, 2007