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Oakland Raiders 2008 NFL Draft Grade
Darren McFadden doesn't win you draft grades. The Oakland Raiders are a really bad team that needed to add more pieces. I really like McFadden and think he is worth the fourth pick. However if you are Oakland you needed to trade back and get a few more pieces. Back to positives…McFadden is a homerun threat and a big playmaker for Jamarcus Russell. Tyvon Branch is a nice player who adds experience to the secondary. He played and started for four seasons at Connecticut and was a big cog in turning that program around.
Oakland Raiders 2007 Draft Recap
The Oakland Raiders entered the draft with several holes on offense including quarterback, tight end, offensive line, and wide receiver.  With the first pick in the draft, they selected JaMarcus Russell who has all of the skills a top notch NFL signal caller needs.  They followed that pick up with a TE for him to throw to in the second round.  The Raiders also traded Randy Moss on draft day.  20Yardline.com Draft Grade / B.