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The St. Louis Rams were founded in 1937 as the Cleveland Rams.  The won two NFL Championships in 1945 and 1951 and then had a long drought.  They returned to prominence under the Marshall Plan and won Super Bowl XXXIV against the Tennessee Titans 23-16 behind an MVP performance by Kurt Warner.

Who Are the Greatest Players in Rams History?
The Rams have a rich history filled with several Hall of Fame players.  See who we selected as the best Rams players of all-time.

What Made Marshall Faulk So Special?
Learn more about Marshall Faulk’s spectacular and perhaps future Hall of Fame career.  Faulk could beat a defense with the run and caused matchup problems in the passing game with his phenomenal receiving ability.

What Record Did Willie Ellison Once Break?
Just who is Willie Ellison and what achievement made him stand out for the Rams back in 1971?

Should Roman Gabriel Be in the Hall of Fame?
The Rams former quarterback Roman Gabriel had a tough start but ended up being a fine quarterback.  Learn more about his career.

Eleven Men Believed
Relive the 1999 season with the St. Louis Rams.  Get week by week accounts of their return to Glory.  This is a book every Rams’ fan should own.