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The Minnesota Vikings were founded in 1961.  Since that time, the Vikings have produced some very good football teams.  They went to the Super Bowl four times, unfortunately they lost them all.  They are famous for the Purple People Eaters and for quarterback Fran Tarkenton.

Who Are the Greatest Minnesota Vikings?
With so many good teams over the years, the Vikings have been blessed with a ton of great players.  We selected who we believe are the Minnesota Vikings best players for an All-Time Team.

Is Adrian Peterson Enough?
The Minnesota Vikings took Adrian Peterson with the seventh pick in the 2007 NFL Draft and have returned to being a respectable team.  Peterson has since been named Rookie of the Year.

The Williams Brothers Anchor the Defense
Kevin Williams and Pat Williams form what may be the best defensive tackle duo in the NFL.  Do the Vikings have enough talent on defense aside from the Williams brothers?  See what our Vikings expert has to say.