Is Brady the Best?

The debate has raged for years.  Who is the best quarterback in the NFL, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?  Up until this season, Manning has always had the best supporting cast on the offensive side of the football.  Brady has enjoyed really good players like Deion Branch, Ben Watson, and Troy Brown while Manning has had the likes of Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, not to mention Edgerin James.  In 2004, Manning broke Dan Marino’s single season touchdown mark by throwing 49 touchdown passes in a single season.

 Tom Brady Poster

Through seven games this year, Tom Brady has been rewriting the record books.  So far, Brady is 169-229 a 73.8 completion percentage (if he can keep this up, this would be an NFL record) for 2125 yards, a whopping 27 touchdown passes and only two interceptions.  His quarterback rating is also out of this world at 137.9.  If Brady can keep up his incredible pace, he would finish the season with 61 touchdown passes and over 4800 yards passing.  He would also throw only five interceptions which would make his TD-INT ratio of 13 to one.

Even more impressive than the statistics is the Patriots' offense.  Brady has Randy Moss on one side, Donte Stallworth on the other, and perhaps the best slot receiver in football, Wes Welker going across the middle.  Add in Ben Watson, and the Patriots have more speed than any team in football.  This is quite simply the best offense I have ever seen.  They are averaging nearly 40 points per game and seem to be able to score at will against anyone, regardless of who it is.

Tom Brady has won three Super Bowls with very good football teams.  He has always had an excellent offensive line, good receivers, and a great defense.  Now, we all get to see him perform with the best talent in the league.  This is a special quarterback on a special team.  Watch out 1972 Dolphins, you may soon be replaced.

By A. Goodin,
October 22, 2007

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