Is Childress Doing His Job?
As Minnesota fans watch the Vikings' season dwindle further and further every week, one question keeps coming up--is Brad Childress the right guy for the job? Hopes were high when Childress took over for the disenfranchised Mike Tice at the beginning of the 2006 season.  After spending six years as the offensive coordinator for the successful Philadelphia Eagles, a short and heavily scrutinized selection process resulted in Childress getting the job with the Vikings after a relatively easy hiring process.

Criticism has been prevalent since rumors first started circulating that Childress would be offered the Vikings' head coaching job.  People pointed out the fact that Childress never played football at a college or professional level, had never been a head coach, and had never called his own plays.  Bringing to Minnesota what is considered a West Coast Offense, success has eluded Childress so far.  During his first season as a head coach, the Vikings' offense averaged only one touchdown per game, a significant decline from previous coaches (Mike Tice and Dennis Green). The Vikings finished 6-10.

Most of the scrutiny aimed at Childress surrounds his play calling, which has been heavily run oriented, and incredibly predictable.  Because of the Vikings’ lack of depth at the quarterback spot and lack of a viable veteran leader, play calling has rested solely in Childress’ hands, and has yet to be fruitful.  Many people believe that his lack of experience in such an important leadership role, as well as a lack of technical expertise that comes from playing the game, makes Childress an ineffective head coach. The question then becomes “who would do a better job?” or “what can the team members and staff do to compensate for Childress’ shortcomings?”  I don’t have the answer but would love to get some feedback.  Do the Vikings have any hope under Childress?  Is he even doing his job?

By T. Lloyd,
October 11, 2007