Kansas City Chiefs 2007 Draft Recap
The Kansas City Chiefs entered the 2007 NFL Draft with a need at offensive line, wide receiver, and defensive line.  They chose Bowe, WR with their first selection and drafted defensive tackles with their next two picks.  They have big holes to fill on the offensive line which may have been their greatest need.  20Yardline.com Draft Grade / C-.

1. (23) Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU (6'2 ", 221, 4.51).  Bowe has good size and speed for the position.  He attacks the ball when it is in the air using his long arms and big hands to snatch the ball away from defenders.  He is a strong runner after the catch but lacks break away speed.  He is a decent blocker and should improve his blocking skills with NFL level coaching.  He could be huge for the Chiefs around the red zone. 

2. (54) Turk McBride, DT, Tennessee (6'2 ", 277, 4.81).  McBride has a quick initial burst off the line of scrimmage and plays with great quickness.  He does a good job of stunting and never gives up on a play.  He needs to get bigger and stronger to become a consistent performer at the next level.  He struggles against bigger and stronger offensive linemen in the running game.  He should at least help on third downs as a rookie. 

3. (82) Tank Tyler, DT, N.C. State (6'2 ", 306, 5.3).  Tyler has excellent size and strength for the position and has good quickness.  He plays with good initial pop.  He also plays with decent leverage but needs to improve his lower body strength to become more consistent.  He is more of a one gap defender.  He could be a risk as he had off the field problems in the past. 

5. (148) Kolby Smith, RB, Louisville (5'11 ", 220, 4.5). 

5. (160) Justin Medlock, K, UCLA (5'11 ", 201, 4.92). 

6. (196) Herbert Taylor, OT, TCU (6'3 ", 296, 5.19). 

7. (231) Michael Allan, TE, Whitworth (6'6 ", 255, 4.71).

By A. Goodin, 20Yardline.com
May 4, 2007