Jacksonville Jaguars 2008 NFL Draft Grade
It was obvious from the start that the Jacksonville Jaguars think they can win now. They went up in the draft and got their guy. Derrick Harvey cost the team a lot, yet he fills a pressing need. Harvey and Quentin Groves will help out immediately along the defensive front. Harvey, a speedy pass rusher from Florida and Groves, an athletic end from Auburn, may be the bookends on the defensive line for years to come. Coach Del Rio apparently saw getting after the quarterback as his team’s biggest weakness; he went out to fill that hole.

The Jaguars continued on defense throughout the draft, selecting Thomas and Trae Williams with a pair of fifth round picks. Thomas Williams from USC will play Special Teams, given that he was primarily a backup his whole college career. Trae Williams from South Florida was a steal; he played opposite Dallas' first round pick Mike Jenkins at South Florida. Trae is a very talented, slightly undersized corner with tremendous potential this late in the draft. He will be a nice project to groom into a contributor on the stellar Jacksonville defense in the near future. Lastly they went back to college football's current talent pool, USC, and snagged halfback Chauncey Washington. Washington is your prototype short yardage pound it up the gut back. He could one day serve as a fairly reliable backup in the Jags’ multi-back rotation. 

The steal for the Jags would easily have to be Trae Williams. I really think he could be a starter down the line or surely a highly coveted nickel corner. He has good cover skills and for now will be valuable in the kick return game, letting Jones-Drew focus on being an elite running back. 

Round 1 (8) – Derrick Harvey – DE – 6’5” 252 – Florida 

Round 2 (52) – Quentin Groves – DE – 6’3” 250 – Auburn 

Round 5 (155) – Thomas Williams – OLB – 6’1” 238 – USC 

Round 5 (159) – Trae Williams – CB – 5’9” 193 – South Florida 

Round 7 (213) – Chauncey Washington – RB – 6’0” 211 – USC 

Jacksonville Jaguars – Draft Grade – C+ 

By T. Lewis, 20Yardline.com
May 7, 2008