Indianapolis Colts 2008 NFL Draft Grade
It was a good overall draft for the Colts as they added good depth to an already outstanding team. Mike Pollack from Arizona State could eventually replace Jeff Saturday but I see him as more of an interior lineman filling a spot alongside Saturday. He's a super athletic and pretty quick; he should be quite successful at the next level. Steven Justice, a sixth round pick from Wake Forest should be the guy to replace Saturday; he is a guy they can groom for awhile and is a truly natural snapper. He was one of the best centers in FBS last season and could be a steal this late in the draft.

Philip Wheeler, a versatile linebacker from Georgia Tech, should be used early and often at a variety of positions along the line-backing unit. He has valuable experience as he was used at all three positions in college. He will step directly into the starting lineup in Indy. Jacob Tamme and Tom Santi will give a good battle to see who replaces Ben Utecht, who departed to the Bengals. Tamme is probably the better receiver and Santi the better blocker; both will be good pieces in the offense for the Colts. 

Sleeping for the Colts is a guy that I'm surprised lasted past round four, running back Mike Hart. Hart was just that, the Heart and Soul for Big Blue the last four years. He will be an absolute stud backup to superstar Joseph Addai. Mike Hart may be the steal of the draft overall. He may be small but talented he is as well. Good job Colts, you found a gem. 

Round 2 (59) – Mike Pollak – OT – 6’4” 299 – Arizona State 

Round 3 (93) – Philip Wheeler – OLB – 6’2” 245 – Georgia Tech 

Round 4 (127) – Jacob Tamme – TE – 6’4” 232 – Kentucky 

Round 5 (161) – Marcus Howard – OLB – 6’1” 237 – Georgia 

Round 6 (196) – Tom Santi – TE – 6’4” 248 – Virginia 

Round 6 (201) – Steve Justice – C – 6’4” 285 – Wake Forest 

Round 6 (202) – Mike Hart – RB – 5’9” 195 – Michigan 

Round 6 (205) – Pierre Garcon – WR – 6’0” 210 – Mount Union 

Round 7 (236) – Jamey Richard – OL – 6’5” 295 – Buffalo 

Indianapolis Colts – Draft Grade – B+ 

By T. Lewis,
May 7, 2008