Houston Texans 2007 Draft Recap
The Houston Texans drafted with upside in mind.  Their top three selections were Amobi Okoye, Jacoby Jones, and Fred Bennett.  All enter the NFL with a ton of upside but none of them are a polished product.  It will most likely take two to three years before we know if this draft class was a success.  20Yardline.com Draft Grade / C. 

1. (10) Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville (6'2", 302, 5.07).  Okoye is an intriguing young talent.  He has NFL size and quickness for a defensive tackle and is only 19 years old.  Okoye has excellent NFL ability and has shown the ability to learn quickly.  With some good coaching, Okoye should develop into a Pro Bowl type player.

3. (73) Jacoby Jones, WR, Lane (6'2 ", 210, 4.5).  Jones has ideal size, speed, and athletic ability to be a starting NFL wide receiver.  He runs crisp routes and has the ability to turn a short catch into a long gain.  As a former basketball player, he knows how to go up and get the ball.  To be successful in the NFL, he will have to improve going across the middle and will need to improve his blocking.  He could be this year’s surprise rookie WR.

4. (123) Fred Bennett, CB, South Carolina (6'0 ", 196, 4.46).  Bennett has excellent size and speed.  He challenges receivers at the line of scrimmage and has good make up speed while the ball is in the air.  Although he has excellent size, he is very inconsistent in the running game.  Bennett will need safety help consistently at the NFL level.

5. (144) Brandon Harrison, S, Stanford (6'1 ", 227, 4.6)

5. (163) Brandon Frye, OT, Virginia Tech (6'4 ", 301, 5.08).  Frye is an outstanding offensive line prospect with limited experience.  He possesses quick feet and good mobility.  He is a hard worker, very coachable, and finishes his blocks well.  He takes good angles in the running game.  He could develop into a starting player in 2-3 years.

6. (183) Kasey Studdard, OG, Texas (6'2 ", 303, 5.18)

7. (218) Zach Diles, ILB, Kansas State (6'2", 233, 4.6)

By A. Goodin, 20Yardline.com
May 2, 2007