Brett Favre Is Off the Charts

There are less than a handful of Legendary Quarterbacks in the NFL each decade.  When you think of the past twenty years, names like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, John Elway, Dan Marino, Steve Young, and Brett Favre top the list.  Each quarterback has been great in his own right, but Brett Favre has done some amazing things during his 17 year NFL career.

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When I think of Brett Favre, I see a tough football player who loves to play the game.  Despite playing a position where you are standing still and have 300 pound giants trying to kill you on every play, Brett Favre has started 253 straight games for the Green Bay Packers.  To me, this is the most impressive playing streak in all of sports history.  Football is such a physical sport.  During most seasons, less than half of the quarterbacks who start on opening day play every game.  Brett Favre has played 16 straight seasons without missing a start.  He is truly remarkable.

With Favre’s longevity and toughness, he has also set several NFL passing records over his illustrious career.  Football is about winning and no quarterback in NFL history has won more games than Brett Favre.  During his 16 NFL seasons as a starter, Favre has averaged 10 wins per season for an NFL record 160 wins.  This is just one of the records he set in 2007.  He also set the record for the most passing yards with 61,665 and touchdown passes for a career with 442.

Football fans across America have been spoiled by Favre’s talent for more than a decade.  What stands out more than his talent is his love for the game of football.  Unlike many who seem to play the game only for the money, I believe Brett Favre would play football if he had to pay to play it.  He is a true throwback football player who will always hold a special place in my heart.  Favre seems to always enjoy playing football; he is smiling, having fun, and acting like a kid on the field.  As long as he stays healthy, I hope he will return for an 18th NFL season.

How does Brett Favre rank with the all-time great quarterbacks?  I would personally put him in the top ten.  There are three quarterbacks from the distant past that would also make the list: Otto Graham, Sammy Baugh, and Johnny Unitas.  Otto Graham played ten seasons and went to the Championship Game every season, winning seven of them.  Sammy Baugh was ahead of his time and was more than just a quarterback.  He also may have been the best punter of all-time as well as a great defensive back.  Johnny Unitas stole the hearts of Americans who watched the Colts beat the Giants in “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”  Of the more modern quarterbacks, Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, John Elway, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady all come to mind.  When you are with this kind of company, there is no doubt you are one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.  Enjoy Favre while you can because soon he will be riding off in the sunset alongside previous football legends.

By A. Goodin,
January 7, 2008