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Get rewarded for writing articles! New at! 

When you submit an article to us, we will review it and post it on the site should the article be well-written and interesting. You will then be assigned points associated with your username. Points will be awarded using the point system below. When you have earned at least 500 points, you can redeem your points for cash!  Every 100 points earns you $10.00 cold hard cash!  You just need a minimum of 500 points to cash out!

Point System: 

Game Winning Touchdown = 700 Points – Great Article – No Editing – First Page of DIGG or comparable feat.

Touchdown = 150 Points – Great Article – No Editing

Field Goal = 70 Points – Very Good Article – Minimum Editing

Safety = 40 Points – Very Good Article – Needs Editing

Extra Point = 20 Points – Good Article – Lots of Editing Needed

Fumble = 0 Points – We cannot use at all

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