Denver Broncos Three Amigos

During the early years of the John Elway era, there were names for the Denver Broncos’ wide receiver cores. First there was “The Three Sons.” The most popular name for a group of receivers during this time for the Denver Broncos was the Three Amigos.

So just who were the Denver Broncos Three Amigos? They were a group of wide receivers that got this name in 1987. The Three Amigos included Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson, and Ricky Nattiel. Both Vance Johnson and Mark Jackson had good careers with the Denver Broncos and Ricky Nattiel’s career was cut short by injury after a fast start. Nattiel did catch a touchdown pass from John Elway in the Super Bowl against the Washington Redskins following the 1987 season. It was the quickest score from scrimmage in Super Bowl history at the time.So for now, the Denver Broncos Three Amigos are the most popular name of receivers in Denver Broncos History.

By A. Goodin,
December 16, 2008

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