Do the Vikings Have a Defense or Just a Good Line?
No discussion of the Vikings' defense occurs without the mention of the line.  Kevin Williams and Pat Williams create one heck of a moving wall on the Vikings’ defense, creating quite the challenge for opposing offenses when it comes to moving the ball on the ground.  Do the Vikings have anything else though?

In the first two games of the 2007 season, the Vikings’ defense outscored the offense. The numbers don’t paint an accurate picture though.  While the defense accounted for three interceptions, two fumble recoveries, and a touchdown in the week two loss to the Lions, they also gave up 415 yards of total offense, including 359 net passing yards.  All-in-all, for a defense with skill, the Vikings’ defense hasn’t been up to the task.

In 2006, the Vikings' run defense was one of the best in the league by the numbers, but a 6-10 team with a good run defense doesn’t mean anything, especially with quarterbacks like Brett Favre in the NFC North conference to annihilate the secondary with the passing game.  What’s perhaps most disconcerting is that the Vikings' run defense could be made to look pretty bad with some outside routes or end-around type plays that don’t allow the big men in the center of the field (Williams and Williams) to make tackles or get near the ball.

What can the Vikings do to ramp up their defense?  What’s missing?  A defensive back should not lead the team in tackles as they have for the past few years.  Do the Vikings have any pieces that can be utilized in a winning team?

By T. Lloyd,
October 11, 2007