Hanford Dixon Cleveland Browns
Hanford Dixon was born on December 25, 1958 in Mobile, Alabama. After Dixon was a standout cornerback for Southern Mississippi, he was drafted with pick 22 of the first round of the 1981 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns.

Hanford Dixon #29

Player Info

Height 5' 11"
Weight 186 lbs
DOB: 12/25/1958

Hanford Dixon Stats


NFL Draft

1981/Round 1/Pick 22

Hanford Dixon Career Highlights

Pro Bowl 1986, 1987, 1988
Honors Helped Start the Dawg Pound in Cleveland

Team(s) As A Player

Cleveland Browns 1981-1989

Hanford Dixon & Frank Minnifield

Hanford Dixon was only 5-11 and 186 pounds, but he could cover NFL wide receivers like he was their shadow. Dixon, who teamed with Frank Minnifield as perhaps the best cornerback tandem in football during the 1980’s said their confidence is derived from their speed, quickness and ability to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage.

“We spend a number of hours preparing, watching film and taking them with us just about everywhere we go,” Hanford Dixon said. “Receivers have a tendency like anyone to stay with what they do best, and we like to learn that and take it away or at least make it uncomfortable for them to find their rhythm.” (1)

Hanford Dixon and the Dawg Pound

Dixon was famous for barking before games firing up both his teammates and the Cleveland Dawg Pound (Which he claims he started in 1985). “When I played, we didn't have a great defensive line,” Dixon said. “We had a strong secondary, though. I started thinking of something to get the defensive line going. I thought of a dog chasing a cat. I told the linemen to think of chasing the quarterback that way. I started barking at them and they barked back. And then the fans got into it and the whole thing took off.” (2)

Hanford Dixon Career with the Cleveland Browns

Stats alone do not define a football player. They do not define Hanford Dixon either, although his career resume is quite impressive. During his nine year career with the Cleveland Browns, Dixon was voted to three Pro Bowls following the 1986-1988 seasons and was not a welcome site for opposing NFL quarterbacks. During his stellar career, Dixon had 26 interceptions, two sacks, and played tough coverage throughout his career.

By A. Goodin, 20Yardline.com
November 4, 2008

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