Hester, Special Teams Return To Glory!
It’s no doubt that special teams play an important part in any NFL teams victory, but the Chicago Bears have one that they are especially proud of right now.  Punter Dirk Johnson was amazed by the group that he worked with on Sunday while standing in for the injured Brad Maynard.  Having played with the Philadelphia Eagles, Johnson was no stranger to great special teams.  Throughout the game against the Chiefs, he could not hide his amazement at the likes of Devin Hester and the guys blocking for him.

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Hester proved to be an incredibly exciting player, returning a 73 yard punt return for a touchdown, running a 31 yard punt return back that resulted in a field goal, and running a kickoff back for 95 yards that would have resulted in a touchdown were it not for a holding penalty against Rod Wilson.  He nearly tied his own record of 152 punt return yards with 143 on Sunday.  As if that wasn’t impressive enough, his teammates were most impressed by his form.  In a second quarter kickoff, where the ball was nearing the sideline, Hester stood with one foot out of bounds at the three yard line and reached back to field the ball.  As a result of this, the kickoff was ruled out of bounds so the Bears got the ball at their own 40 yard line.

Though Hester played an important part, he was not the only dominating part of the Bears' special teams unit. Israel Idonije deflected a 48 yard field goal attempt that would have brought the Chiefs within seven points.  Dirk Johnson averaged nearly 50 yards per punt on four punts.  Kicker Robbie Gould was perfect with field goals from 47 and 38 and also hit two extra points. The kickoff coverage unit stopped the Chief’s Eddie Drummond before he got to the 20 yard line in each of the first-half returns. This incredible special teams unit combined with a strong defense and a very promising offense will prove to be an incredible asset for the Bears as the season continues.

By T. Lloyd, 20Yardline.com
September 19, 2007