Grossman Takes a Step Forward or Back?
If there has been one thing that’s ever been lacking in the Chicago Bears’ offense, consistency would be it. Quarterback Rex Grossman is loved, hated, worshipped, despised, revered, and more – all through the course of one game.  In the victory last Sunday over Kansas City, Grossman threw two interceptions in a 20-10 victory, and though it’s early in the season, the fans are already booing.  After the game, Coach Lovie Smith asked that fans “give us a little more time.” 

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Throughout training camp, the Bears have been bragging about their offense. The belief that a veteran offensive line could help Grossman garner some consistency at the quarterback position has yet to come to fruition, though a solid receiving core led by Mushin Muhammad and Bernard Berrian will undoubtedly prove to help Grossman lead the Chicago Bears to another winning season. So far though, Muhammad has already been plagued with a sore ankle, and Mark Bradley has not caught a pass yet.  Rookie Greg Olson missed the first two games with a sprained knee, but it’s expected that he’ll play in the week three matchup against Dallas.

Grossman has not had a promising display yet this year, having already thrown three interceptions to only one touchdown, which adds up to an offense ranked 30th in the NFL.  Like coach Lovie Smith though, the players are promising that they can do better. Fortunately Chicago’s defense has been a bit more consistent than the offense.  It will play an integral role in early victories as Grossman and his offense work to tie up the loose ends necessary to be the powerhouse that they are claiming to be by mid-season.

With a fairly easy division, the best game of the year is probably going to be the week five matchup against Brett Favre and the Packers.  Favre is another quarterback who has struggled with consistency issues but who has recently passed John Elway as the quarterback to have won the most games with 149 now under his belt. If the Bears can start pulling their team together in the coming weeks, a victory over Green Bay would give the fans something to really be excited about.  It’s all about developing the consistency necessary to continue to win and maintain leads throughout the game.

By T. Lloyd,
September 17, 2007