Ernie Warlick Biography
Ernie Warlick was born in Washington DC on July 21, 1932. After playing his college football at North Carolina Central, Warlick played in the CFL and was an all-star from 1958-1960. In 1962, He joined the Buffalo Bills.

Ernie Warlick #84

Player Info

Height 6' 3"
Weight 235 lbs
DOB: 7/21/1932
Tight End

Ernie Warlick Stats

NFL Draft

Undrafted Free Agent

Ernie Warlick Career Highlights

CFL All-Star 1958, 1959, 1960
AFL All-Star 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965
Honors 1964 & 1965 AFL Champion

Team(s) As A Player

Buffalo Bills 1962-1965

Ernie Warlick Buffalo Bills

Ernie Warlick was like a third offensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills. He helped clear the way for fullback Cookie Gilchrist in 1962 when Gilchrist led the AFL in rushing with 1096 yards and 13 touchdowns.

During the 1964 AFL Championship Game, Warlick caught two passes for 41 yards as the Buffalo Bills beat the San Diego Chargers 20-7. However, it was the 1965 AFL Championship Game that Ernie Warlick had the most important catch of his career. Warlick was not a starter most of the season but played more because of the double-tight-end strategy. When Warlick heard he would start he was so grateful that he prayed.“This was my big chance,” he said, “and I prayed I wouldn't muff it.”

After Carlton had two great runs, rookie tight end Paul Costa made an excellent catch, and the Bills moved to the San Diego 18. At that moment, Buffalo Coach Lou Saban sent in a call to quarterback Jack Kemp: He was calling Warlick’s number on a post pattern.

Ernie Warlick quickly got past the linebacker and then cut inside corner back Leslie Duncan. As he ran behind the goalposts, Kemp threw a strike. “I saw the ball coming,” said Warlick, “and I told myself, ‘That's your ball and nobody else is going to have it.’ I caught it and then I threw the ball in the air and when I looked up at it I didn't know whether that was the ball up there or if it was me. Duncan came up to me and asked why I had to pick on him. I told him, ‘Man, it's either you or me and I truly don't intend for it to be me.’” (1) The 18 yard touchdown catch was the Bills only offensive touchdown of the day as they beat the Chargers 23-0 for their second straight AFL Championship.

Ernie Warlick’s Career

Ernie Warlick was a complete tight end for the Buffalo Bills. Not only was he a tremendous blocker, he also caught 90 balls for 1551 yards and 4 touchdowns in only four seasons. He was an AFL All-Star every year in the league from 1962 to 1965.

By A. Goodin,
January 17, 2009

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Ernie Warlick Biography Sources

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