Buffalo Bills 2007 Draft Recap

The Buffalo Bills entered the NFL draft after losing Willis McGahee and most of their starting LB’s.  They were able to fill those holes for the most part in the draft.  Marshawn Lynch and Dwayne Wright should add stability for the Bills at running back.  Paul Posluszny should help fill one of the holes at LB.  20Yardline.com Draft Grade / A-

1. (12) Marshawn Lynch, RB California (5'11 ", 215, 4.46).  Lynch is a shifty runner with good strength and low pad level.  He is excellent between the tackles and has good straight ahead speed.  Lynch needs work on his pass protection and route running.  He has an excellent opportunity to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2007. 

2. (34) Paul Posluszny, OLB Penn St. (6'1 ", 238, 4.63).  Poslunszny is simply a football player.  He is an excellent tackler and just seems to make plays even though he has only average speed for an outside linebacker.  He may need to bulk up a little for the NFL game, but he fills a huge need on a team that needs linebacker help.  He should produce as a rookie.

3. (92) Trent Edwards, QB Stanford (6'4 ", 231, 4.76).  Edwards has good NFL size for a QB with an above average arm, average mobility, and a lot of upside.  During his senior year, he lacked good protection and was throwing to a depleted receiving core.  He has a good delivery but needs some work on his reads.  Several teams had Edwards ranked as high as their third best QB.  He should be a solid NFL backup QB with the potential to start in two-three years.

4. (111) Dwayne Wright, RB Fresno St. (5'11 ", 228, 4.66).  Wright is a tough inside runner who is difficult to bring down once he gets moving forward.  He runs low to the ground and is shifty for his size.  Wright will help in passing situations as well.  He is an above average blocker and runs good routes and has soft hands.  His big weakness is lack of speed and the fact that he has been injury prone.  He could produce a good 1-2 punch with first round pick Marshawn Lynch.

6. (184) John Wendling, S Wyoming (6'1 ", 222, 4.48)

7. (222) Derek Schouman, TE Boise St. (6'2 ", 247, 4.74)

7. (239) CJ Ah You, DE Oklahoma (6'3 ", 274, 4.7)

By A. Goodin, 20Yardline.com
May 2, 2007