Arizona Cardinals Look to 2007
The Arizona Cardinals had playoff hopes entering the 2006 season.  With the addition of Edgerin James, it was thought that the running game would thrive.  Kurt Warner started the season with Rookie Matt Leinart waiting in the wings.  Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin provided great receiving targets with Bryant Johnson as a strong third receiver.  On paper, the Cardinals looked much improved.


After a disappointing season, Dennis Green was fired and Ken Whisenhunt was brought in to lead the resurgence.  Whisenhunt has been the offensive coordinator for the past three seasons in Pittsburgh.  In his first year there, the Steelers' running game improved from thirty-first to second in the league.  If he can do anything remotely similar in Arizona, the Cardinals will surely be a success and will find themselves back in the post season.


For the past few years, the Cardinals have been a pass first team.  With Whisenhunt, it is believed they will establish the running game and will open up the play action pass which will mean less sacks and more big plays for Matt Leinart.  The Cardinals have many needs in the upcoming NFL Draft.  I believe their greatest need is on the offensive line.  This is essential to install the running game Whisenhunt had in Pittsburgh.  They may also need a TE to help with the running game and to give Leinart a security blanket over the middle.


There is optimism once again in Arizona.  We will see what the NFL Draft will bring them come April. 


By A. Goodin,

March 19, 2007